Welcome to The Waterfront NYC

The Waterfront NYC is currently closed for the Golf Season & will be reopening in the Spring of 2024. Wishing our loyal customers a wonderful Holiday Season and look forward to seeing you in the coming months!

Nestled at the foot of the Whitestone Bridge, where New York City’s East River meets the Long Island Sound, sits our elegant Waterfront restaurant. With sweeping views everywhere you turn, this scenic environment is celebrated for its exquisite atmosphere, world-class service, and delicious New-American cuisine.

Our restaurant boasts an assortment of local craft beers that pair perfectly with our mouthwatering burger and sandwich selections as well as delectable seasonal dishes that are complemented by an elegant selection of wines. At our sprawling 30-foot marble bar adorned with three 90 inch TV’s, guests enjoy hand-crafted seasonal cocktails to satisfy the most discerning taste buds.

Open to the public, The Waterfront NYC welcomes all as one of the city’s most spectacular dining destinations.

Meet Chef Barbie Rivera